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Since 9/12, Director of IT at Ahead LLC, a leading golf headwear and apparel manufacturer in  New Bedford MA.  

Updates, 7.27.2017
* Refactored Ahead's online ordering system (aka OLO - to the Spring framework.  This was done back in 2012.  Since then, implemented many enhancements and features since, including automated sales program pricing, management of art approval processes, custom accessory and headwear manufacturing systems, numerous distributed enterprise services that automate and facilitate Ahead's complex manufacturing processes.

* Developed Ahead's Corporate website: Ahead Corporate Website

* Implemented a Liferay instance and integrated with legacy Java web apps and Microsoft .NET website.

* Developed the Collabra headwear and apparel production management system to automate colorpicking of embroidered items.

* Developed an artwork outsource management module for Collabra for managing communication, status, and artifacts of outsourced artwork for logos on Ahead orders.

* Developed an embroidery data collection and performance metrics system/dashboard as an add on to Collabra.  The system extracts data from Pulse embroidery databases and translates to discrete units of measurement such as number of threadbreaks, designs, jobs, uptime, etc.

* Built an SVG based logo tool/website for sales reps and potentially customers to easily create custom logos based on SVG templates; uses Snap SVG javascript library, Spring/java framework. 


Trifid Nebula, M20

M20, the Trifid nebula, taken at the Starhoo Observatory, June 24, 2014.

M57, Ring Nebula in Lyra

Taken from Starhoo Observatory, 6/22/2014. 14" LX850, SBIG ST10XME, Titan 50 Mount.

M13, Globular Cluster

M13, taken June 26, 2014 at the Starhoo Observatory

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